Pagador Physical Therapy, Inc.

Formerly Keith Mahler Physical Therapist & Associates, Inc.

Mission Statement

Pagador Physical Therapy is dedicated to providing the highest quality Physical Therapy services while fostering an educational care environment for our patients. We strive to provide comprehensive support during all phases of our clients’ rehabilitation. We believe in educating patients throughout the healing process, providing a unique care environment that allows our patients to work toward recovery while gaining knowledge and understanding.

A Letter From Keith Mahler

After 17 years of practicing Physical Therapy, I have decided to retire. As I reflect, I can truly say that I have had an amazing career. My patients have contributed to my successes over the years. One of the biggest decisions I face is how to leave my patients in good hands. Lilyanne Pagador, DPT will be taking ownership of the clinic. I have mentored Lilyanne since her days as an intern at Keith Mahler Physical Therapist and Associates, and she has trained with some of the best Physical Therapists in the country. As a valued patient, you could truly not be in better hands.

Lily will work hard to continue the elevated level of care that my patients have received in the past. I will continue to support Lily in an advisory role as I prepare to depart for Alaska.

Thank you all for your support over the years.

- Keith Mahler PT, MPT, CEAS, CCI

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Effective 1 Jan, 2018, Keith Mahler Physical Therapist & Associates, Inc. will be owned and operated by Lilyanne Pagador, PT, DPT.
In order to avoid any lapse in service, we will continue to operate and bill under applicable contracts and licenses established by
Keith Mahler Physical Therapist Associates, Inc. until the opening of Pagador Physical Therapy, Inc. is complete.
Please call or inquire at front desk for details.